Secret Domain #2 is active

Secret Domain #2 is active

Postby xtian » Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:05 pm

Thanks to the 23 users (at the time of writing) who donated $5, I'm now able to offer a new, improved Secret Domain server: "Secret Domain #2".
The new server is on a very fast connection (no ADSL) and is professionally managed (no power outages), so the user's experience should be top-level.
I'm going to migrate current Secret Domain #1 users to the new server, and switch my notebook off :mrgreen:
New donors will be given access to Secret Domain #2 from the start.

The new Secret Domain #2 server is going to be unrestricted (Multiaccounts enabled) but password-protected: this is to prevent non-donors from sucking away all the expensive bandwidth. The authentication system will be easy on the user: no login name, just a password, and you'll be able to share your password (even though you shouldn't) when not playing at the same time as your friend.

Please keep donations flowing or I'll soon be at loss ;)
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